Wednesday, 18 May 2011

large charcoal drawings, in progress (examples 2009-11)

 this latest one, just roughed in
 ...more resolved...
 detail of above, almost-finished version
 roughed-in reinterpretation of older drawing
 taking on its own identity
 it was suggested to me that it was upside-down, so, upon turning it 180 degrees, I found a Jack-In-The-Pulpit, pretty serious-looking specimen...
 'the noodle' gets roughed in
 an experiment in creating a new drawing by layering a  drawn netting, of a sort, over an unsatisfactory drawing
 negative spaces between netting become positive forms
 detail of 'the hand'
 this 'foldscape' drawing started out looking like this
 studio view, in progress...
 alternate studio view...while i consider the composition...
final version of 'foldscape II'

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

old studio views (2008-10) between your toys

'it really is only a paper moon...'
'in times of drought, steal your neighbours' tears...'
'in times of drought', high contrast version, digital from a slide

whither thou goest?

i draw on the bus, and this was the only time, so far, that someone on the bus commented on my drawing as it was happening...i wrote their words at the bottom of the drawing, something political or philosophical, and i'll post them as soon as i remember them...

sacred spiral life-preserver or something equally intense

foldscape in progress

a nest of fragments

this drawing may be from high school

this foto taken in barandov, a suburb of prague, in 1942...i found it in a basement antique shop in prague in 1995...such a totally consumed, ecstatic expression...

playing with cookie cutters and gardening tools

fixing the jute with acrylic medium

another view with early version of tower of babel

another foldscape in progress

once again, whither thou goest...?

collage drawing trying on a frame...

drawing of my dad sleeping, and my bathing suit piece called 'frame'

b&w composition

drawing in progress surrounded by important stuff

reindeer pin in major blizzard

closer view of overwhelmed reindeer

does this work as a rose?